Dedination is dedicated to help
Startups To Grow Immensely.
We inspire you to ignite the spirit of innovation in you.
Dedination is dedicated to help Startups To Grow Immensely.
We inspire you to ignite the spirit of innovation
in you.

Evoking an Entrepreneur in You

  • Providing unique startup ideas With complete business plans.
  • Giving you new ways to raise funds.
  • Business growth learnings through real case studies.

Reinforcing Businesses

  • Setting up a stage for sending pitches to raise funds or to get hired.
  • Experts consultation to get guidance at any stage of your business.
  • Dedicated customer support team.

Encouraging Women

  • Making Women strongest by motivating through inspiring stories.
  • Supporting Women to run businesses, commence their startup journeys.
  • Boosting Women to break the glass ceiling with a bang.
  • Special Women dedicated customer support team.

Our Mission

Ignite - Innovate - Inspire

We ignite:

  • A new way of thinking.
  • A high quality business plan.
  • A way to start your entrepreneurial journey.

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Innovate with us:

  • Competent strategies to sustain your business growth.
  • Identify opportunities for innovation by analyzing market trends.
  • Take calculated risks and experiment with business models.
  • New routes to fund your business.

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We inspire you to:

  • Harness inspiration to help you stay afloat during business failure.
  • Success stories to help you build confidence and lift your spirits.
  • Enlightening examples and learnings from badass entrepreneurs who turned every setback into a milestone.
  • Techniques to help you be motivated and energetic.

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Learn how to achieve your goals and grow your business

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Build Your Team

Startups have to work a lot harder to get a good team. So, we have come to your rescue!

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Promote your business

Share your business model and funding pitch with us. Your startup can get listed with us and get benefited in
  • Raising funds for your business.
  • Promoting your business among our worthy users.

Get Hired

Be a part of growing startups and get your paychecks.
  • Flexible timings.
  • Unlimited job offers.

4 keys of Dedination

We believe and stand by our 4 key strong and inter-dependent pillars of entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurship is just not limited to perceiving a business idea. It even involves developing it into reality too. For converting this business idea into realism, there’s a lot that goes behind. One needs to work with utmost sincerity and honesty wherein the most important ingredients for success being, Hard work and Dedication.


With the fast-paced development, entrepreneurs today need to constantly evolve and innovate to remain relevant. A zest for learning and the ability to remain curious, thus become vital qualities of any successful entrepreneur.


Developing a brand loyalty, satisfying consumers and building reputation can be really challenging and It requires oodles of perseverance, relentless efforts and utmost important, commitment to cope with the changing tastes, preferences and market scenarios to run a successful business.


What makes us successful is not settling for the norm but always trying to do something differently. Innovation is the fuel that continuously rekindles the fire of your competitiveness. Imagination help you reinvent the wheel enabling you to stay one step ahead of the competition.



you guys really do a great job! I was really in a desperate need for guidance when I had to start a start-up. But thanks to you, I was able to find a optimum business model.


You made it all so simple for us. We had a very raw idea to start with, and thought that it won't be able to come up well together. But now we have a well-functioning start-up that we believe will make a reputable space in the market.


We really wanna thank you for your never-ending support for our business. Investors are hard to find but we managed to get them with your planning & improvisations.


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